at last, perestroika

Laika into retirement, she is going. Perhaps she will take up the macrame. For all the good time, Laika thank you.

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I feel like I've crossed some kind of terrible Rubicon in my career as a furry fan. I've spent the last hour or so giggling like a loon at the MSTing of David Gonterman's notorious "Foxfire" web comic. Normally, I like to consider myself a champion of the underdog, especially when they have an active fantasy life and so many misunderstood kinks in common with me... but to borrow a phrase from the late Madeleine Kahn, "It's twue! It's twue!" His work's not just bad, it's aneurysmic.

It's also glorious, absurd fun.

A small sampling of the faults of Gonterman's comic. Deep breath now, this may take a while:Collapse )

And that's the worst part. Bastard has so much in common with me. I felt that little romantic twinge deep in my heart, seeing all the body and mind play at work in this comic. And for that... I resent him. It's bad enough, that I might actually walk away from this festering artistic landfill with fantasy fodder -- and the reeking taint, the uncleansable semiotic B.O. it brings from the Gontermind will be stinking up my dreamlands for years to come. But having this be representing transformation play to legions of rightfully snickering normals... Augh. Makes me wonder what Strider Hiryu's doing this weekend after all. If he won't kill David Gonterman, maybe he can give me a quick, painless lobotomy while I'm not expecting it. >_
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